Video referees on the agenda as lawmakers gather for IFAB meeting

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Offside calls could be refered to if video replays are introduced
Offside calls could be referred to if video replays are introduced

Football’s lawmakers have gathered in London for the annual International Football Association Board meeting, with video technology part of the planned discussions.

The meeting takes place at the capital’s Royal Hotel, and trials of video assistance for referees during matches is thought to be high on its agenda – a subject proposed and championed by You Are The Ref experts.

Plans to begin testing the technology from the start of the 2016/17 season are being negotiated, and while no decision will be made until a further IFAB meeting in March, it could mark the beginning of a significant step forward for officiating.

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FIFA executives at the meeting will consider the finer details of its potential use, such as when a goal is scored or disallowed, as well as penalty and red card calls.

Former professional referee and You Are The Ref expert Keith Hackett said in December: “We have pushed for video referees, and clearly suggested how they could be used, almost since the inception of our website 18 months ago.

“It is gratifying to see action being taken. But, more importantly, this is good for football. I’m convinced that accurate decisions, where doubt occurs, can be arrived at within seconds – with no damaging disruption to the momentum of the game.”

There has already been a form of trials in Holland, and Australia, Brazil and U.S. associations have declared interest in staging further test runs.