I train once a week… surely that’s enough


By Andy Hogg

There can be little doubt that football at the very top-level, and increasingly so at semi-professional and district level, is becoming quicker and greater emphasis is being placed upon physical endurance, levels of stamina, flexibility, balance and the overall fitness levels of the players. As one streetwise scout at one of the local professional clubs said to me recently – “the game used to value players who could run a bit, we now value athletes who can play a bit.”

The emphasis on the match officials must therefore increasingly turn to improving their own fitness levels, and please don’t think this is just a requirement at the higher levels of the game, at the local level, the ability to be up with play and close to incidents is key in order to ‘sell’ your decisions.

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One thought on “I train once a week… surely that’s enough

  • HO HO HO
    When I officiated in the U.S. Pro League, I ran every day, including long distances for base line fitness and sprints on a track for speed.
    I also lifted weights for strength and did Yoga for flexibility
    I also swam, and for fun, ran triathlons.
    I prided myself regarding fitness, and felt that I could out run most players, and at worst, keep up with them.
    Remember, position allows you to ‘Sell’ a call, even though it may be border-line correct.
    Many leagues have ‘snap’ physicals – you can be called in to demonstrate your fitness at any time.
    One training session a week is simply not enough
    Part of your evaluation and opportunity to move upwards includes fitness / positioning as well as looking professional. These are the easiest two to glean points for your advancement
    I still referee in the recreational leagues, and follow a similar regime. The biggest difference is that I run on an elliptical cross trainer instead of the track (my knees have had a number of orthopeadic repairs)

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