Congratulations to Taylor and Oliver

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The team at You Are The Ref would like to congratulate Anthony Taylor and Michael Oliver on their promotion to the UEFA Elite Panel.

It is also pleasing to see Stuart Attwell and Paul Tierney on Category 2.

Keith Hackett said: “Delighted that these two referees have been promoted onto the Elite List.

“I now want to see Pawson set his goals higher with a view to getting promotion in the future.”

Well done to all four referees and we hope to see more promotions in the future.

One thought on “Congratulations to Taylor and Oliver

  • Sorry don’t rate the ref’s poster boy Oliver, thought he was poor on Sunday you can dive and hack people down from behind to stop an attack and get nothing, but bounce a ball a bit hard and your lucky its only a yellow. Graham Scott was loads better on Wednesday in terrible conditions.

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