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You Are The Ref empowers match officials to make the right decisions to get to the top of their game. Our new Academy members' area provides you with a first-class training and learning environment, giving you all the learning and support tools you need.

  • Access to webinars, downloads, blogs and presentations from top former FIFA and EPL officials.
  • Interactive scenario based referee e-learning tools.
  • Fitness plans and interactive Q&A section with former FIFA Sports Science experts.
  • Accredited external courses and qualifications to bolster your CV outside of the game.
  • Advice and guidance on career progression.
  • Applications and invitations to live events, training camps scholarship programmes and Youdan Trophy Pro tournament.
  • Member-discounted partner benefits and shop including RefLive software.
  • Insight on the laws of the game.

Coach Call

An interactive scenario-based learning tool preparing you for a range of incidents on the pitch. If we don't have the answer there and then, you can request a call from a coach.

  • Play Scenario

  • Example Scenario

    A cautioned player commits further misconduct whilst being substituted

    Lets Go
  • The Scenario

    What would you do?

    The Law

    What the laws of the game say

    Practical advice

    What should you consider

  • The Scenario

    What would you do?

    1. Red #10 has already received a caution in the first half for unsporting behaviour
    2. Mid-way through the second-half, the 4th official indicates that red #10 is being substituted...
    3. In an attempt to waste time, Red #10 walks slowly towards the technical area, despite being warned to speed up
  • The Law

    What the laws of the game say

    Law 12: Delaying the Restart of Play

    Referees must caution players who delay the restart of play by delaying leaving the field of play when being substituted

    What action should you take?

    As referee you must caution Red#10 for his delay. And, as this is his second cautionable offence in the game he must be dismissed from the field of play. Because of this, the substitution can no longer take place.

  • Practical Advice

    What should you consider

    1. As Red#10 is leaving the field of play, encourage him to move at an appropriate speed
    2. Red#10 continues to walk at a slow speed so insist that he leaves the pitch promptly
    3. Red#10 walks away to speak to a colleague. As this causes more unnecessary delay he must be cautioned
    4. Move to Red#10 and show him a yellow card and then a red card for a 2nd cautionable offence in the same game.
Play Webinar Preview

Monthly webinars

Keith Hackett’s expert guidance on the laws of the game is presented as a series of monthly webinars to improve on-field performance.

Ask Matt

Former Head of Sports Science for the English Premier League referees, Dr Matthew Weston, PhD provides match officials with information on how best to maximise their fitness levels.

Chris Conner (YATR Member)
Q: What is the best way to physically prepare for a fitness test?
Matt Weston (Sports Science Specialist)
A. Do not train for the test! Train hard to improve your fitness and the fitness will take care of itself.
Chris Conner (YATR Member)
Q. What is the best way to monitor my performance in training?
Matt Weston (Sports Science Specialist)
A. Ideally, all training sessions should be monitored to record progress. This can be done with heart rate monitors and/or ratings of perceived exertion. The latter are the most practical.

Training Camps

We set aside a number of FREE spaces for our members on our Premier-League experience training camps.

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