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An excellent derby day


By Mark Halsey, former FIFA and Premier League Referee, You Are The Ref Senior Referee Coach

The penalty incident this past weekend at Anfield that allowed Everton back into the game brought about much debate. But let’s be clear on this, Dejan Lovren has put his hands on the back of Dominic Calvert-Lewin and he’s given him a nudge, that is a foul challenge and awarding the penalty was the right decision.

Craig Pawson was in a great position to see it and from my first view I also immediately thought it was a penalty with replays confirming that Craig had made the right decision. Lovren is naive and his reaction was totally out of order, as was that of his manager Jurgen Klopp who seems to enjoy ranting and raving on the touchline.

I hope Craig included that in his match report because he simply can’t be allowed to get away with it. I’ve mentioned before how he likes to berate fourth officials and The FA need to do something about it. I’m confident that if Jose Mourinho or Antonio Conte did this, they would waste no time charging them, so why Klopp gets away with it I’ll never know.

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  • Personally I did not see any nudge. I saw Lewin step to the right directly into Lovren’s path then he goes down. He also went down adding little flare to it. I would agree if I saw even a nudge, but I don’t. When some steps directly into the path your already going it seems natural that your hands come up to protect you and the other person. That is what it looks like to me.

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